Sun Shade Net

Sun Shade Net

Shade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE) material by adding UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. HDPE sunshade net has the characterisics of lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, large-area coverage and it has the ability to adjust control environment, optimizing climate and improve plants in the growth of adverse climate conditions.

Sun shade net is a materials for realization of security or high-yield, high-quality agricultural cultivation techniques. It is popularly used in vegetables, flowers, edible mushrooms, fruits, medicinal herbs aquaculture industry, and other fields.

Sunshade net systems (shade, heat retention, or blackout curtains) reduce heat loss by reducing the air volume needed to be heated, creating an attic in the greenhouse for an insulative air barrier, and reducing the stratification of heat energy up to the roof. During the summer months the plastic sunshade screens can be deployed over the crop, returning temperatures back to an optimum growing range.

Sunshade net is mostly used in agriculture as ventilate shade net for greenhouse, offering the features of light reflection and transmission , breath freely, long usage life and stable performance.
Available types and technical data:

Shading/ Energy-saving
55% / 20%
65%/ 26%
75%/ 30%
85%/ 35%

Standard width for shade nets:
3.2m, 4.3m, 5.3m, 6.2m. Other widths are available on demand.


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Brand Name: Sun Shade Net

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